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The Wellbeing Prescription Podcast

Guiding you to flourish in a demanding landscape.

Our aim is to provide an insightful and practical resource for Health Professionals who are tackling the all-too-common issue of job-induced stress and burnout.

Hosted by Dr Sonya Vandergoot, a licensed psychologist with a rich background in both nursing and organisational psychology, this podcast delves into strategies for enhancing personal wellbeing in the face of workplace challenges.

Why tune in to us?

GPEx, with its 20-year history of excellence in medical education, understands the unique pressures faced by healthcare professionals.  Each episode concentrates on different wellbeing themes, marrying the latest research with realistic and easy-to-implement strategies.

Expect to gain insights on preventing burnout and managing daily stressors, and discover ways to thrive both personally and professionally. We advocate for a proactive approach, encouraging a dialogue on flourishing beyond the absence of burnout or disease.

Listening and subscribing

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Latest episodes

EP 1. Understanding Dyslexia: A Path to Wellbeing with Dr Shae Wissell

In our first episode of “The Wellbeing Prescription,” we delve into the often-misunderstood world of dyslexia and its importance to overall wellbeing.

Dr Shae Wissell, with her rich background in speech pathology and public health, sheds light on how dyslexia impacts adults, illuminating their challenges and resilience in various facets of life such as healthcare, education, and employment.

Discover from a leading advocate and researcher how societyā€™s perception of dyslexia can influence mental health and what strategies can enhance the day-to-day wellness of those living with this condition. For anyone seeking to understand the intersection of neurodiversity and wellbeing, this episode is an informative starting point that recognises the value of inclusive support systems.

Tune in to grasp why embracing neurodiversity could be the key to transforming personal and organisational growth.

EP 2. A confluence of Wellbeing, Policy, and Practice with Associate Professor Antonio Di Dio

With over three decades as a practicing GP Associate Professor Antonio Di Dio’s brings a wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience. Holder of the AMA presidential Medal for services to practitioners and refugee health, his commitment to wellbeing extends through the network of the healthcare system.

In our conversation, we delve into his perspective on what defines wellbeing and how it shapes his work. Weā€™ll explore the critical importance of self-care for healthcare professionals and discuss his insights on the impact of current healthcare policies and the ideal legislative environment needed to support the wellbeing of those who care for us.

Tune in to catch Associate Professor Di Dio’s invaluable reflections on how each facet of his work contributes to the larger picture of health and community support.

EP 3. Creating Mentally Healthy Workplaces with Mardi Webber

In this episode of “The Wellbeing Prescription,” we are joined by Mardi Webber, a seasoned professional in mental health and workplace safety at ReturnToWorkSA.

As a Registered Psychologist with over 30 yearsā€™ experience work health safety and injury management, Mardi discusses the importance of psychological safety and recent legislative changes impacting workplace mental health.

Join us for a compelling conversation filled with practical tips for fostering a supportive work environment.

EP 4. Restorative Sleep: Unlocking Well-being with Dr Alex Sweetman

In our latest episode of “The Wellbeing Prescription,” we welcome Dr Alex Sweetman from the Australasian Sleep Association to explore the critical role of sleep in maintaining optimum well-being. Dr Sweetman, an expert on insomnia and cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia (CBT-I), discussed the prevalence of insomnia in Australia, its often-overlooked impact on health, and shared insights into non-pharmacological treatments like CBT-I. He also provides practical strategies for healthcare professionals and patients to access these treatments and capped off the conversation with his top tip for improving sleep and, by extension, overall well-being.

Tune in now for exclusive strategies and advice!

EP 5. Conversations That Matter: Angela Munro’s Insight on Suicide Prevention

Our latest episode of the Wellbeing Prescription, we tackle the crucial topic of suicide prevention, focusing on the important conversations needed to save lives and support those at risk.

Join us as we sit down with Angela Munro, a seasoned social worker with over 19 years of experience in various healthcare settings. Angela holds a Bachelor of Social Work and Bachelor of Psychology, is a respected member of the Australian Association of Social Workers. She brings a wealth of knowledge from her extensive work in crisis management and challenging environments, such as community mental health, domestic violence and emergency departments.

As a LivingWorks ASIST trainer, Angela shares her insights from the Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training program, recognised by the World Health Organisation. Her expertise provides valuable perspectives on approaching and managing conversations about suicide.

EP 6. Exploring Sleep and Mental Health with Aliza Werner-Seidler

In this enlightening episode of The Wellbeing Prescription, we welcome Associate Professor Aliza Werner-Seidler, an expert in the field of mental health and a Clinical Psychologist who leads Population Health at Black Dog Institute, UNSW Sydney. We explore her research on the prevention and treatment of depression and anxiety, particularly among adolescents and young adults.

The discussion sheds light on the cognitive mechanisms that contribute to common mental disorders and the role of digital tools in broadening access to psychological care. Additionally, we delve into the critical connection between sleep and mental wellbeing, highlighting strategies for overcoming sleep-related issues to improve mental health outcomes.


The Wellbeing Prescription podcast, produced by GPEx, is intended for educational and informational purposes only. The information provided by the experts and hosts is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or health concerns. The views expressed by guests and hosts on the podcast do not necessarily represent the views of GPEx or its affiliates. Listener discretion is advised.

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