What Does Evidence Say About Vaping? An Informative Guide for Health Professionals

E-cigarettes, commonly referred to as vapes, have proliferated over the past decade, often being promoted as a safer alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. However, the explosion in their use, especially among young people, and regulatory loopholes have raised significant public health concerns. This blog will delve into what the current evidence says about vaping, its […]

What Does Evidence Say About Vaping

Improving palliative opioid prescribing in country SA

GPEx, in partnership with Country SA PHN, recently developed a new online course to upskill healthcare professionals and increase their confidence in syringe driver use and palliative opioid prescribing. It is well recognised that these are critical areas of need among our primary health workforce, with contributing factors including a lack of efficient and free […]

GP Obstetric Shared Care Program Gains Momentum

We are delighted to announce the successful participation of 202 GPs in our GP Obstetric Shared Care’s Autumn Fertility Series workshops. These workshops covered crucial topics such as IVF, egg freezing, PCOS, male infertility, and genetic screening. Additionally, our Contraceptive Seminar on June 5th saw 172 GPs in attendance, and 123 GPs registered for our […]

GP ADHD Shared Care Program Expands

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our GP ADHD Shared Care Program, with 22 young individuals recently transitioning from Paediatric Outpatients into the program, and an impressive 186 GPs now participating. Previously, young people with ADHD endured exceptionally long waits for state-regulated psychiatrist supervision of medication, especially during the critical transition of finishing […]

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Winter Wellness: Your Obstetric Shared Care Newsletter

Your GP Obstetric Shared Care Team are big believers in the power of staying in the loop! Your ongoing dedication and active participation in the program play a pivotal role in making it a success! We’re excited to present the newest CPD Activities within our Obstetric Shared Care Program, ensuring you stay informed and engaged […]

SA Health chooses GPEx to measure the impact of its new palliative care navigation service on primary healthcare

GPEx is working with SA Health to measure the impact on primary care of its new Palliative Care Connect service, which provides information and links to palliative care and bereavement supports. Our task will be to evaluate the impact of these services on primary health professionals and to identify economic improvements, enhanced patient and carer […]

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Ensuring Accountability in Australiaā€™s General Practice Training system

A conversation with Professor Paul Worley and GPExā€™s India-Rose Avery about the Department of Health and Aged Careā€™s General Practitioner Workforce Planning and Prioritisation (GP WPP) Program. Emeritus Professor Paul Worley has had an illustrious career in healthcare. He is Executive Director of Clinical Innovation at the Riverland Mallee Coorong Local Health Network, Medical Director […]

Ensuring Accountability in Australiaā€™s General Practice Training system Feature

Engineered Stone Use to Be Banned from 1 July 2024: A New Era in Worker Safety!Ā 

By Dr Siavash Esā€™haghiCEO & Managing Director, Lungscreen AustraliaMB ChB FRANZCR, NIOSH Accredited B-reader From 1 July 2024, the use of new engineered stone products will be banned in Australia. This landmark decision comes after mounting evidence linking the material to a significant rise in cases of silicosis, a debilitating and often fatal lung disease. […]

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Update on Clinical Trials Initiative

After careful consideration and strategic discussions, we have decided to pause our investment and activities in the clinical trials sector. This decision aligns with our current focus on strengthening and refining our core services, including shared care programs, continuing professional education for GPs and healthcare professionals, and workforce planning. We value the interest and support […]

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Dermatological Infections: Common Pitfalls to Dodge

By: Dr Ian H Coulson,Ā DermNet Editor-in-Chief and Consultant DermatologistLancashire, United Kingdom. Whenever my defence organisation periodical drops into my inbox, it is a priority to open it. It is always instructive to read of cases where things have gone wrong. So frequently, there is a ā€¯there but for the grace of Godā€¯ moment. On this […]

Dermatological Infections Blog