Workforce Support

Australiaā€™s primary care system is facing enormous challenges, including an ageing population and increasing demand, the rise of chronic disease, inequity of access and outcomes, and how to leverage and integrate emerging technologies.

The GPEx team has a deep understanding of these challenges and the pressures they place on our primary care workforce. We partner with government, private and not-for-profit organisations to deliver innovative solutions that address these challenges and support the workforce and the diverse communities we serve.

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GP Shared Care

Our GP shared care programs, which encompass both GP obstetric and ADHD shared care, allow participants to continue their care in the community while reducing pressure on our hospital and tertiary care systems.

As part of our shared care programs, we support GPs with the latest information, training and resources to enable them to continue to achieve the best possible health outcomes for their patients.

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Education & Training

We support the primary care workforce with engaging education and training throughout their careers, from GP Fellowship exam preparation to Continuing Professional Development. All material is designed in consultation with in-house subject matter experts who have frontline medical expertise and understand the challenges facing primary care in Australia.  

Our more recently launched training for NDIS support workers and aged care workers extends our suite of education solutions to empower workers in tackling the most challenging scenarios they face, improving participant outcomes and reducing worker burnout.

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Performance Coaching

Performance coaching is a powerful and effective way to increase individual performance and employee productivity and engagement. Our in-house performance coaches are registered psychologists, specialising in organisational psychology (the application of psychological principles and techniques to understand and solve problems of occupational behaviour and performance). They can support candidates one-on-one with their fellowship exam preparation and/or workforce development by identifying and developing strategies to overcome obstacles to success. Whether youā€™re looking for group coaching for a segment of your workforce or one-to-one to deal with specific issues, our performance coaches will ensure you gain the most value from your workforce.

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