Workforce Planning and Prioritisation (WPP) Program

GPEx is leading the Australian Government’s program aimed at tackling the critical shortage of GPs in South Australia.

The contract for the Workforce Planning and Prioritisation (WPP) Program in South Australia was awarded in late 2022 to a GPEx-led consortium, with GPEx’s consortium partners being Adelaide PHN and the South Australian Department of Health and Wellbeing.

Through the WPP Program, GPEx is leveraging its strengths in primary care to assist the Commonwealth Department of Health, the RACGP and ACRRM in determining where registrars are needed, in order to inform the prioritisation of registrar allocation in South Australia through the AGPT Program.

Our work involves engaging with local GP clinics and communities, analysing available data, and providing advice to inform planning and address current and future GP workforce needs.

If you have any questions about the WPP Program, or would like to provide feedback relating to the WPP Program, please contact us.

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